The difference between non-milk coffee on the menu

Recently, we have received comments that there are so many different types of coffee products on the menu screen that are dazzling, so today we will use our automatic coffee machine WS-203 to give you a detailed introduction to the difference between different drinks!

WS-203  has 16 different drinks. And each beverage has a different taste and flavor. Speaking of the coffee flavor, welcome to try Mcilpoog's selected Yunnan coffee beans, which is dark roasted and provide rich CREMA for Espresso. The overall appearance is bright and thick, with hazelnut aroma and the aftertaste is sweet and mellow. Well let's go back to the topic, generally speaking, coffee drinks are divided into two categories: black coffee without milk and coffee with milk.

In our menu, basically, the upper layer is milk-free coffee drinks, and Espresso is one of the basic verson of coffee drinks, the amount of liquid is rarely which is about 35~40ml, so it is also the most rich and intense in taste.


For example, Americano,classic, and Long black all add different amounts of hot water to this basis to dilute the intensity of Espresso and enhance the texture and flavor. Just as each layer of a cake tastes different, an espresso diluted with water also brings out its flavor and layering.The beverages like Double, Crema, it is a coffee concentration solution to meet different people to obtain demand.

Therefore, for milk free coffee beverage, the highest concentration of coffee should be Double Espresso, while the others of it, is close.


Next blog we're going to show you the differences about the milk coffees!

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