Coffee and dessert are excellent partners.

Do you pair your coffee with a dessert? Are you wondering how to pair the right coffee with the right dessert? Coffee has a unique personality, and matching it with desserts is also a profound knowledge. Just like the matching of cooking skills and fine wine, different levels of roasted coffee and desserts will burst out different sparks. First of all, you need to have a fully automatic coffee machine. Here I recommend mcilpoog fully automatic coffee machine WS-203 to you. It can be applied to any scene and is convenient for your life.

Light roast coffee

Light roast coffee is a light brown color with no oil on the surface of the beans. Pair well with soft Nordic desserts such as chocolate collars, cinnamon rolls and crispy tarts. It tastes fresh and not greasy.

Recommended pairing:Madeline,The Madeline is a simple but satisfying dessert, paired with the same simple single-origin coffee, you can experience the most authentic flavor of coffee. In addition to the aroma of butter and wheat, there is also a slight taste of coffee in the mouth, which spreads and is bittersweet.

Medium roast coffee

Medium roast coffee is brown in color and rarely has a greasy aftertaste. The resulting coffee has clear layers and a smooth texture. Serve with fresh fruit flavored desserts, or with nut or chocolate flavored desserts for a richer taste.

Recommended pairing: Fruit mousse cake,The fruit mousse is fresh and layered, and you can enjoy various flavors by combining the two. Chilled mousse not only reduces the sweetness, but also enhances the fruity mousse aroma in the rich aroma of hot coffee.

Dark roasted coffee

Dark roast coffee is dark brown and usually has an oily finish. Rich, deep-fried coffee spreads in your mouth. When paired with an equally strong dessert, it moderates both the dessert's sweetness and the coffee's bitterness.

Recommended pairing: chocolate souffle,A souffle called "dessert espresso". Chocolate has a rich feel and chocolate souffle instantly pales coffee. The combination of the two creates a coffee aroma with a chocolatey aftertaste that makes every sip a delight.

There are several combinations of coffee and dessert, and the combination of coffee and dessert enhances the original taste. Once you know your color, scent, taste and texture preferences, slowly explore the combination that works for you.

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