The latest happiness is all given by this coffee machine


WS-203 automatic coffee machine, one-click extraction, you can make a cup of fragrant and delicious cappuccino at home, enjoy cafe-quality coffee, and start a day full of vitality~

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√Touch screen operation, one-key grinding

The operation of the fully automatic coffee machine is very simple, one-click from bean to cup, even friends who have never used a coffee machine can easily get started~ and there are 16 kinds of drinks to choose from, espresso, American coffee, cappuccino, etc. And you can be a coffee master at home!

√Multiple custom adjustments

According to personal preferences, set the coffee strength, cup capacity, etc., you can customize your own exclusive coffee

√About cleaning

This fully automatic coffee machine has an automatic cleaning function, which is simple and convenient to operate. Start-up - automatic cleaning - preheating - coffee liquid - automatic cleaning again - shutdown

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