Super easy to use MCILPOOG automatic coffee machine---------WS-S7

Super easy to use MCILPOOG automatic coffee machine---------WS-S7

All metal silver body, full of technology!

The preset menu is very easy to set up, straightforward and rich in options. The grinding degree of coffee beans, the amount of coffee, the amount of milk, and the fineness of the milk foam can be adjusted. The coffee temperature can be set to low, medium, or high, according to your habits. It is suitable for you who love coffee.

WS-S7 body size: 18*9.45*13.4in, the machine is not large, and it can reveal a sense of luxury in any corner of the home.

Automatic cleaning every time it is turned on, WS-S7 is equipped with an independent milk tank, which can make espresso, American and milk coffee, providing you with a variety of choices.

WS-S7 is a fully automatic coffee machine with dual use of beans and powder. You can add coffee beans and let the machine grind it yourself, or you can directly add coffee powder. You can get a cup of coffee in about one minute, which is very fast and convenient.

As long as you buy products on our official website, we will give you an additional 6-month warranty, you can enjoy an 18-month long warranty, mcilpoog will be responsible for our customers, please rest assured to buy!

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