About WS-203"The cleaning of the milk frother".

Today's protagonist is WS-203,For the cleaning of this milk bubbler, we suggest that the bubbler should be cleaned once a week. It can not only extend the service life of the milk bubbler, but also reduce other unhealthy risks caused by milk scale, and also reduce the sputtering of milk foam in the production process.


①After using the machine , first click "Quick cleaning milk frother" in the settings

②Turn off the machine, when the machine shows "Whether to clean the milk frother", select "Yes" and put the other end of the milk tube into the clean water with a glass of water to let the machine clean the milk frother

③When the machine has finished shutting down, remove the milk frother from the machine, disassemble the milk frother into three parts, and clean them separately,rotate the froth adjustment knob counterclockwise,remove the knob,Take off the milk outlet and milk suction tube, rinse with water.

The milk frother can be cleaned with a small brush.Special attention needs to be paid to the small gaps on the knob, if not cleaned, it will cause clogging and milk splashing.


Detailed video:


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