About fully automatic coffee machine WS-203 "The milk foam Temperature".

The traditional automatic coffee makers heat milk by pumping it through a hose into a milk frother, and mixing it with hot steam and air.


This heating method can only heat milk to 45°C, which is a better temperature for milk to ensure nutritional value/a good way to show the richness of milk, because milk is the most sweetest when get to this temperature, so it will show a better taste of coffee itself.


However, some coffee lovers prefer warmer milk foam.

So here, we've made a little change of the milk foam temperature about the WS-203 , the throttling device at the mouth of the hose, which can reduces the flow of the milk merging with the steam, so that it can reach a higher temperature of the milk foam .


And now let's start to compare the milk foam temperature before and after the change!



Detailed video:

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