07.What happens if you drink black coffee for a long time

一、Good refreshing effect to help you eliminate sleepiness

First of all, we need to figure out why humans feel fatigue.

When we perform mental and physical activities, the body produces a substance called adenosine and releases it in the blood. When it binds to the adenosine receptor in the body, it will activate the self-protection mechanism of "preventing fatigue" and send a fatigue signal to the brain. When adenosine receptors bind enough adenosine, the brain will continue to receive fatigue signals from the body, and then start to activate energy, inhibit nerve excitation, and make people feel drowsy and tired.

When we consume caffeine at this time, the molecular structure of caffeine is very similar to that of adenosine, and it can "occupy" the position of adenosine receptors reserved for adenosine. The higher the concentration, the greater the amount of caffeine occupied. When caffeine takes over all the adenosine receptors, the brain is essentially deprived of any fatigue signals.

The pureness of black coffee makes caffeine intake more efficient, so black coffee is a healthy and effective tool for eliminating drowsiness.The mcilpoog automatic coffee machine WS-203 only takes 30 seconds to make a cup of black coffee, which is convenient and fast. When you are tired and sleepy, have a cup of black coffee!


二、Good metabolic effect, helping to reduce fat and remove edema

Caffeine is a natural metabolism accelerator, which can effectively promote the burning and decomposition of body fat. So if you are an athlete, or have a need for fat loss and shaping, black coffee is a very healthy fat burning aid. In addition, drinking black coffee in the morning is diuretic, helps eliminate edema, and tightens the skin.


三、A good natural drink, instead of a high-calorie drink, leads to a healthier life

100ml of coffee liquid has only 3 or 4 kcal , while the same 100ml of freshly squeezed orange juice has 45 kcal. Partners who have requirements for daily calorie intake can drink coffee normally.

If you are not used to the taste of black coffee, you can combine it with skim milk and 0-calorie sugar to prepare a cup of your own healthy coffee drink without excessive calorie burden. One WS-203 can meet all your coffee needs.

The upper limit of caffeine intake for a healthy adult is 400mg per day, but it varies from person to person, so no matter how delicious the coffee is, don’t be greedy!


In addition, the following groups of people need special attention:

Long-term insomnia: You need to pay attention to caffeine intake for long-term insomnia, otherwise it will easily lead to aggravation of insomnia.

Caffeine intolerance: This group of people is very sensitive to caffeine. After drinking a cup, they are prone to rapid heartbeat, anxiety and panic. They can mix black coffee with milk and other drinks to properly dilute the content of black coffee.

Osteoporosis: Medical research shows that drinking a certain amount of coffee may hinder the absorption of calcium. Therefore, people with osteoporosis or the elderly are advised to drink less coffee and supplement more calcium.

Pregnant and breastfeeding women: Caffeine may be absorbed by the fetus/infant and affect growth and development, so it is also necessary to control the amount of coffee consumed.


Everyone's physique is different, and the drinking effect of black coffee also varies from person to person. May wish to start exploring your own coffee mode today.


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