06. Various fancy coffees in coffee shops

This involves different categories of coffee. In fact, all coffee can be roughly divided into two categories according to the different ingredients: black coffee and milk coffee.


What is black coffee?

The essence of black coffee is "no additives". Except for the two raw materials of coffee beans and water, no other ingredients are added. It emphasizes the original taste of coffee and pays attention to the most original taste of coffee.

一、What kind of black coffee is there?

When there is a difference in concentration, it appears that:

  • Espresso

The principle of espresso extraction is to use high pressure to push hot water through extremely finely ground coffee powder, so that a higher concentration and more mellow coffee liquid can be extracted. A cup of qualified espresso needs its signature coffee crema, which is the layer of tan foam on the surface.

Fancy coffees on the market, such as latte, cappuccino, Americano, etc., are all based on espresso.


  • Americano

Add hot water to the espresso, such as 1 part espresso plus 6-7 parts hot water, you can get a glass of Americano.


  • Long Black

Add espresso to hot water for a cup of light black coffee.


  • Lungo

It is the same as espresso, except that the water injection time needs to be extended under the condition that other conditions remain unchanged.

Both coffees use the same amount of coffee powder, but the extended espresso uses more water than the espresso.


  • Ristretto

Use a larger amount of powder to extract a higher-strength coffee than Espresso. The grind is finer than Espresso, at 12-16% concentration (Espresso is 8-12%).

When there is a difference in the extraction method, it appears:


  • Cold Brew Coffee

Cold brew coffee, as the name suggests, is brewed with cold water at or below room temperature and refrigerated for more than 12 hours, the specific time can be adjusted according to personal preference.

Brewing coffee powder with hot water will increase the dissolution rate of polymer compounds, and the bitterness of the dissolved coffee liquid will be higher; while soaking in cold water, the dissolution rate of these bitter,substances will be lower,there is very little that dissolves into the coffee liquid.Therefore, the bitterness of cold-extracted coffee is relatively low, and it is easier to increase the sweetness of coffee.

But because the extraction speed of coffee in cold water is relatively slow, it takes longer time and higher production cost to make coffee liquid, which is the biggest reason why the price of cold extract on the market is relatively expensive.

  • Hand brewed coffee

It is purely hand-brewed coffee. The key factors in the entire extraction process need to be grasped and regulated by humans, which requires high personal skill of the barista.


二、What kind of milk coffee is there?

If only milk is added to black coffee in addition to water, you will get:


  • Latte

Add milk to the espresso, typically more than twice as much milk as coffee.Mcilpoog recommends the flagship product - WS-203, this fully automatic coffee machine can make 16 kinds of drinks with one button, and it is very convenient to switch the machine on and off for automatic cleaning.


  • Dirty coffee

As the name suggests, dirty coffee. Pursue the visual effect that coffee liquid and milk do not mix with each other, and the fat of espresso covers the surface of the drink, which looks dirty.

Therefore, to make dirty coffee, first pour iced Bock milk (that is, purified milk, which will be mentioned in the next one) into the cup, and then pour Italian super espresso (Ristretto).


  • Eisbock

The original meaning of Eisbock is actually frozen purified milk, which is sweeter and thicker than ordinary milk. We often see thick milk lattes in coffee shops, where "thick milk" refers to Eisbock.

You can even make your own Eisbock, it's easy. As long as the normal milk is frozen, dig a small hole in the package, put it upside down on the cup, melt it slowly, and take it away when it is halfway thawed (observe the grams with an electronic scale). Because the fat and protein in milk are lower than the freezing point of water, it will melt first during the thawing process. At this time, there is a cup of homemade frozen and purified Eisbock in the cup below.

The "dirty coffee" mentioned above is to replace ordinary milk with thicker Eisbock milk, add it to the cup first, and then add coffee.


  • Cappuccino

Add steam heated milkand milk froth to espresso.Fully automatic coffee machine WS-203 can also make cappuccino with one button.


  • Flat White

Add thinly frothed milk to Ristretto.

The difference between it and cappuccino is that the thickness of the white milk foam is lower, and the Italian super espresso (Ristretto) is used.


  • Macchiato

The meaning of Macchiato in Italian is: to leave a mark on the surface of an object.

The practice of macchiato coffee is to spread a thin layer of milk foam on the surface of espresso. When ordering macchiato in Italy, just put a drop of milk foam on the surface of the espresso.

The function of the milk foam is to change the taste of the surface oil.

Counting carefully, there are quite a lot of coffee categories, and there will definitely be more and more.

Regardless of black coffee or flower coffee, as long as it is balanced and delicious, it is good coffee.


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