05. Roast degree of coffee beans

The flavor of coffee is also closely related to the degree of roasting of coffee beans.

Generally speaking, coffee beans generally go through the following stages during the roasting process: drying - dehydration - first explosion - second explosion - end, in this series of processes, The internal components of coffee beans also produce a series of chemical changes, which bring different flavors to coffee.


What is the first explosion and the second explosion?

It refers to the phenomenon that coffee beans expand when heated, and a large amount of gas breaks through the cell wall, causing the beans to burst.


According to the degree of roasting, it is generally divided into: light roasting, medium roasting, dark roasting, In these three different stages, the flavor of coffee will show the following characteristics:

Light roast

The beans are light brown in color, have no oil on the surface, and have a high hardness.

The acidity is prominent, the acidity is bright and rising, with little or no bitterness.

Medium roast

The beans are brown with a small amount of oil on the surface.

The palate is soft and well-balanced, sweetness begins to emerge and the liquid becomes mellow.

Dark roast

The beans are dark brown with an oily finish.

Basically lost the flavor of origin, just right deep roast coffee will have nuts, chocolate and caramel flavor. Mcilpoog sells 100% Arabica dark roast coffee beans .

There is no so-called good or bad roasting method, only whether it is suitable for the coffee bean itself and whether it is to your appetite. Different processing methods will produce different flavors, you can choose according to your own taste.

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